international mnemonic object registration administration

Memory registration commission

International Mnemonic Object Registration Administration's (IMORA) Memory Registration Commission is creating an Archive of mnemonic objects that have memories attached to them. Many of these memories will be banal or traumatic. If we can free up your mind from these memories, that should leave you more space to focus on the more important ones.

Current Administration and Staff:

Secretary of IMORA: Eric J. Frey

Director MRC: Eric J. Frey

Deputy Director MRC: Rita R. Frey

Registrar of Memories: Eric J. Frey

Assistant Registrar of Memories: Rita R. Frey

Authenticator of Memories: Eric J. Frey

Mnemonic Authenticators:

-Eric J. Frey

-Rita R. Frey

Memory Archivist:

-Eric J. Frey

-Rita R. Frey

If you would like to join our team we are currently seeking additional Memory Archivists to volunteer between now and April 26th, 2020 in Florence Italy. We are especially seeking participants for an Art Exhibition in the first months of 2021, dates TBD. We can't pay you cash but we can give you a certificate and memories.


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