My Background

As an Artist, I try to approach my art from two perspectives. The first, is to try to look at the world with innocence and wonder, and just imagine what the possibilities are. The second, is to look at the world as I have experienced it, good and bad, horrific and awesome. Then I try to find a meaningful way to take that spark of inspiration, imagination, experience, and a bit of engineering to make something that is meaningful. It is my hope that each piece speaks to you individually. If you can find even the tiniest speck of my art that resonates with your philosophy or life, or your sense of wonder, or even if it just makes you ask why, how, or what, then I have been successful in my soul touching yours.

I did not start out expecting to create art. My journey towards art started with learning how to think creatively and survive in the US Army. Through twenty-four years of service I worked as an
Infantryman, Chemical Operations Specialist, Human Resources Specialist, Combat Engineer, Supply Specialist and Logistics Manager. I have cut fire line, tracked flood activity, climbed Mt. Sinai, danced in Tel Aviv, drank Turkish coffee in Iraq, shared meals with Afghans, prayed with a monk in Thailand, drank beer in Germany, tea with British Soldiers and Coffee with Danish Officers, picked flowers in Romania, SCUBA dove in the Rea Sea, played in the waves on a beach made of peridot, snorkeled with jellyfish in Guam, swam with sea turtles in Hawaii and kissed US soil in Maine. I have done Peacekeeping, and served in two combat zones. Throughout all of this, along with being a Boy Scout Leader, father and husband I had to find creative ways to solve challenging problems.


My journey into creative arts began in 2010 after returning from Iraq, I picked up my first DSLR camera, began to capture the world around me through photography, and began to explore creative photography. Then in 2016 during my first term attending Western Oregon University, while planning on pursuing a Major in Business and a Minor in Visual Communications Design, my 2D Design professor noticed that I had the skills to become an artist and encouraged me to change my major where I began to focus on sculptural art. Since then I have achieved success as an artist, selling paintings and prints, winning awards for sculptures, and having works shown in multiple shows.


My journey is far from complete as I continue to pursue my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, then Master of Fine Arts with a goal of teaching art at the university level. Eventually I want to create a non-profit gallery and studio designed to support Veterans in the Arts.



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